Mission, Values & Motto

Armada’s Mission is to:

I.           Equip students with theskills needed to meet life’s challenges

II.           Provide a safe,high-quality learning environment for all students

III.           Foster a positivepartnership with staff, parents and the community

IV.           Maintain highexpectations set for every student

V.           Plan instruction byconstantly engaging in collaboration

a.      Align lessons withessential standards

b.     Analyze data

VI.           Utilize our tieredsystem of academic and behavioral interventions 




I.           Inorder to be a school that equips students with the skills needed to meet life’schallenges, we agree to clarify each grade level’s essential skills, develop aconsistent curriculum and commit to implement that curriculum in ourclassrooms.

II.           Inorder to provide a safe learning environment for all students, we agree toensure and enforce district, school and classroom rules, policies, andprocedures. We will provide adequate supervision at all times. In order to providea high quality learning environment for all students, we agree to implementbest practice instructional techniques, technological resources, and corecurriculum materials during instruction with highly qualified staff.

III.           Inorder to foster a positive partnership with staff, parents, and community, weagree to collaborate in a Professional Learning Community, encourage parentinvolvement, and partner with community businesses/organizations.

IV.           Inorder to maintain high expectations set for every student, we agree tocommunicate standards, monitor student progress, and provide specific feedbackwhile making adjustments when necessary through Universal Access and targetedinterventions.

V.           Inorder to plan instruction by regularly engaging in collaboration, we agree toarticulate among and between grade levels, align lessons with essentialstandards, and analyze data while sharing instructional strategies.

VI.           Inorder to utilize our tiered system of academic interventions, we agree toassess all students with district benchmarks and site common formativeassessments, incorporate flexible intervention groupings, and monitor groupingsfrequently for fluid student movement. In order to utilize our tiered system ofbehavioral interventions, we agree to implement universal screening forbehavior, provide positive behavior support, and offer targeted counselingprograms.


Armada’s Motto:

Tenaciousto the Core!