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New visitor management system starts Feb. 5 at all Moreno Valley Unified schools

The safety of students and staff is our first priority in Moreno Valley Unified School District. We regularly review our safety protocols and enhance our processes whenever possible. One way we have identified to improve the safety of students and staff is to ensure that anyone entering our campuses is not registered in the national sex-offender database.
The process we will use to ensure that we are allowing the right people on our campuses is to install a visitor-management system at all school sites. You will begin to see these new visitor-management systems soon. This new system will replace the old sign-in sheets. Visitors will now be required to provide identification which will be logged into the system and will document who is on campus at any given time.
The visitor-management system has the ability to quickly compare the name on the identification card to the national registered sex-offender database. Once the visitor has been cleared, the system will print a visitor’s badge with the person’s name, picture and destination.
The visitor-management process applies only to visitors who want to sign out a student, enter the campus, or volunteer in a classroom. Visitors to the front office only will not have to provide identification.
The new system will use a visitor’s name, date of birth and photo for comparison against the national database of registered sex offenders. No other information will be gathered or stored. The system is NOT connected to any other government agency, such as local or state police, California Department of Motor Vehicles, U.S. Department of Justice, or U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
As the new system is being implemented, site administrators will assist any parents who do not have the required identification.
Accepted forms of identification are:
• Any state-issued driver’s license or identification card
• Passport
• Matricular Consular Card
• Military ID (active duty or retired)
• Permanent Resident Card
To obtain a California driver’s license, visit a local DMV office or
To obtain a Matricular Consular Card, contact a consular office.
To obtain a Military ID, go to
To obtain a Permanent Resident Card, visit
The new system will be in place February 5 at all schools. You can also learn more about the new visitor-management system by visiting