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School Community Liaison's Network

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🍏 Meet Ms. Nancy Tapia-Larios Our School Community Liaison 🐾

Our School Community Liaison serves as a bridge between our schools, community, and home, to ensure that your child meets academic success. We strive to create a strong relationship between parents, students, and teachers. A strong partnership between you and us is an essential part of ensuring that your child achieves success. So we look to partner with you and provide the resources to achieve this goal.

The goals of our School Community Liaisons are to increase parent involvement by:

  • Working closely with building personnel, parents, and community-based organizations
  • Translating and interpreting services for conferences, meetings, and parent communications
  • Assisting with increasing students’ attendance
  • Serving as a facilitator between parent(s) and school
  • Conducting outreach to engage parents in their children’s education
  • Maintaining ongoing contact with partnering community organizations
  • Assisting in creating a welcoming school environment for all parents and families